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With over 30 years of experience serving our community, read our story

Pukete Neighbourhood House - Te Whare Takiwa o Pukete. We are a centre for a large variety of local community events and services. We are a non-profit organisation whose only aim is to aid our local community. Take a look around our website and see what we have to offer.


The Pukete Neighbourhood House was started over 30 years ago in response to a University study that showed Pukete had no place for people to meet and socialise. There wasn't a High School and at that time the Primary school did not have a hall. A hall committee was formed and they petitioned the Council for the building of a hall. The Councils answer to this was to provide a small house next to the school on the corner of Pukete Rd and Cullimore St. This house was owned by the Bryant Trust and was an unused church house. Another committee was formed to run what was now known as the Pukete Neighbourhood House or the PNH. At this stage the House was run a very ad hoc basis, really only when someone wanted to run a course etc. As time went on members of the committee took took turns as opening the House from 10am to 2pm on a couple of days a week. It soon became apparent that if the House was to grow and prosper there was going to have to be someone there on a regular basis. Funding was applied for and a manager appointed. this gave much more permanence and the whole organisation began to grow. There was a playgroup, courses such as microwave cooking, stretch sewing and Chinese cooking. A vege co-op was started and is still running to this day. A shopper's creche began and soon grew into a fully fledged Day Care Centre and not long after the After School programme was purchased from the person running the Creche at the house.


With all new new services being provided space became limited in our old premises. A large addition was added to the House but there was still a space shortage and the ASP was sited in the Te Rapa rugby club down the road. The Creche grew quickly and in order to preserve the core business was sold. The Pukete Neighbourhood House then moved to the Bryant Village (a vacant retirement centre), where the next few years were spent in the idyllic, lovely and mature surroundings. Unfortunately the neighbors were not so happy with the our presence and it soon become apparent that the Pukete Neighbourhood House would have to move again.


As PNH prepared to move our programmes and services were growing and growing. SeniorNet, Before School and a Family Support Worker were just a few of the services that had been added to the House's repertoire. At this stage contact was made to the PNH from the Committee of the Te Rapa Sportsdrome who was in financial trouble and wondered if the House committee would consider joining with them. However after a meeting with the HCC it was decided that the Council would purchase the building themselves and provide a space for the PNH and all their services. After the initial worry of the Sportsdrome being a bit far out and after a year or so of staff camping in the foyer, new offices etc were provided by the HCC at the back of the building and that is where the PNH is run to this day. The Pukete Neighbourhood House rates as one of the most successful in the Waikato. We help to mentor other Houses and our services and programmes continue to grow.

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