Bronwyn's ANZAC Poppies

Today's activity comes from our long standing OSCAR Manager Bronwyn!

Bronwyn has been busy at home, coming up with amazing craft ideas, and today we share one of her's! These would look great over your front window for "passers by" to share in the ANZAC spirit.

Bronwyn has used paper to make some poppies, in a very unique way.... She says "you can use anything you have".

Simply start by drawing 4 hearts on your paper or cardboard, cut them out and glue them together at the "point" of each heart. This will create a "poppy" shape.

Now, take your poppy shape, place it on another sheet of paper, card or whatever you are using and trace around it! You just created a poppy stencil.

Trace around as many as you like, cut them out, colour them in and stick them up! You could even laminate and put on the letterbox!

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