Colour Changing Flowers - Science Experiment

Looking for a low cost, but effective science experiment to explore with your whaanau during lockdown?

This colour changing flowers science experiment makes for a fun and interesting science project.

Whether you are looking for easy science experiments for young children or for older children, this fun science experiment is perfect!

Our PNH young scientists will be fascinated as they watch the flower petals changing colour and learn how plants drink water. How fabulous is that?!

This super cool science experiment is easy to set up and the flowers change colour quite quickly (within about an hour) so there isn’t too long to wait to see the change.

What you will need

· White flowers

· Glass jars or clear plastic cups

· Scissors

· Liquid dye or food colouring (assorted colours)

· Water

You can use any white flowers for this colour changing flower experiment. The important thing is to use white flowers so that you can see the colour changes clearly. Make sure that you cut the stems of the flowers diagonally across the bottom so they can drink up the coloured water easily. It is also important to make sure that the flowers are fresh, this colour changing flowers experiment won't work so well if the flowers are beginning to wilt. It would be fun to try out a selection of different white flowers to see which work best.

How does this work and why?

Through a process called transpiration, water evaporates from small pores in the flower's leaves and petals. To replenish that lost moisture, the vascular system transports water and nutrients up the stem and into the rest of the flower. As transpiration occurs in white flowers, the food colouring is pulled into the stem and up into the leaves and petals. The flower petals will exhibit the most obvious colour change, but the leaves and stems will also absorb the dye.

Happy investigating and exploring tamariki ma!

“Children are like flowers. Let them bloom by giving them your warm smiles, your soft gentle words falling on them like rain and your art of confidence. You will be amazed at your own garden.” Abaida Mahmood

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