Recycled Tin Can Robots

When it comes to recycled crafts, tin can robots are always a favourite! There are no rules when it comes to making them so you can use all kinds of materials.

This makes for a fabulous craft to do during lockdown at home with your whaanau. You can find all kinds of broken materials, packaging or used up things like clocks, pens, cans, bolts and screws, broken pieces around the house. You will be fully engaged in this fun and creative open ended craft activity.

For this project, go on the hunt and find some small machine parts, nuts and bolts, pen spirals, tiny light bulbs, kitchen scourers and other small metal and even plastic pieces.

Only your imagination is the limit here!!


· Tin cans

· Loads of different bits and pieces you can find

· Googly eyes (as many as you wish) or make your own

· Low temp hot glue or glue dots

· Scissors


There are a so many ways you can make a tin can robot, here’s some helpful hints and ideas we have come up with for this craft activity.

· Apply some glue on top of the pen spirals. The pen spirals make for cool antennae. Place these pen spirals on the tin can.

· Bend the spiral tops using your fingers, then put some glue on the googly eyes and place them on the spirals.

· Cut out curly hair strands from the kitchen scourer using your scissors, apply some glue on their tops and glue them on top of the tin can.

· Put some glue on two metal circles and place them on the tin can.

· See the other robots in the photos for inspiration and feel free to use your own imagination while making your tin can robot friends.

We would love to see some photos of your tin can robots and other creations you have done during your time in so far in lockdown. Send your pics to Gemma at

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. – Jamie Paolinetti

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